The Two Hundred and Eighty-Fourth Post: The One With Dialogue From The Book!

Hello, all – taking a bit of a break (don’t really want to, but there are other things that need to be done and a couple of them require my full attention) from the novel, but I plan on coming back over the weekend and making up for a little of lost time. I can still make my August deadline since I got one of my editors looking over the first three chapters. If I do that, I should be able to get all the main editing sealed up beforehand. My editor is an exacting soul and will take her time to get it right. So I figure that giving her a few chapters at a time should get me there ahead of time. I might even be able to have some hamburgers next weekend!

I’m going to make the main character sweat it out as far as getting the response from the company. Whether or not I am going to put Daniel in there with another offer for a crash-and-cash that could keep him going for a while is up for debate. Honestly, when I’ve applied for work, I rarely if ever heard from a prospective employer for at least a few days (and with some, not at all!). The thing I am leery of is taking away Daniel’s sting when he appears. While his presence is not to be terrifying, but we should feel some sort of concern. I liken him to Mephistopheles in Faust: he’s a tempter, a high-end drug dealer who’ll give you a couple of tastes for free, then will politely ask you for your wallet. We should only be afraid when Daniel’s mask starts to slip in the Third Act and he goes off the rails in the Fourth Act. I don’t know if I had said this earlier, but in my head, I had cast the role of Daniel to Jeremy Piven because I always liked his smarmy, slick attitude. Now, I’m changing that in my head to John Goodman. Where Mr. Piven has a certain metropolitan feel to his characters, I couldn’t see him being the loud good-time guy with a hint of physical menace. John Goodman can pull that off – watch him in “Fallen“. The big confrontation scene in the novel (close your eyes if you don’t want to be spoiled) between Daniel and the main character has this exchange as they shake hands and lean in:

Daniel: You have no idea who you’re fucking with, son. I will slaughter you and piss on the corpse.

Evan: You’ve got some anger issues. You should try some green tea and a deep breathing exercise…and maybe a breath mint.

Having John Goodman say that line and seeing someone like Johnny Knoxville say that response works for me a lot better mentally with keeping the main character as someone who looks like they’ve been tossed to and fro by fate taking a stand for something once in his life.

Well, I should get back to things here. As always, thank you for reading and please check out the writers to the right (and maybe a little bit down depending on your computer screen) and maybe buy a book or two… or ten… I’m not picky. I’ll talk to you all later.



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The Two Hundred and Eighty-Third Post: The One Where I Would Offer a Hoodie As An Enticement If I Could…

Hello, everyone. I’m chiming on something that people can do to help support their favorite author. Now, I’m sure that you can be saying: “But, I’ve bought their books and e-books and even offered to donate a kidney to them (I’m not saying I need a kidney, but I want to keep that option open). What else can I do?” With one author that’s on here, I volunteered to be a part of her street team. All that I do is read their stuff and put up reviews on various sites like Amazon, Barnes and Noble and others if I can find them. Am I a shill? No. I don’t put up reviews without reading their material first. I read it and give an honest opinion. Thankfully, the person I am a part of the street team for is a good writer (better than I am, actually), so it’s easy to do.

Would I like a street team? Let me say this: I know y’all got a lot of things to do and not a lot of time to do it in, however, if you can give a good honest review of the book that would be great. I honestly hate asking for stuff like this because I feel it makes me feel needy…but I also know that I might have to do things that I am not comfortable with to get the book out (wear a Bo-Peep costume to help out a video? Sure. Ask for a review? Can’t I wear the Bo-Peep costume instead?). I will say this to help things along. Members of said street team will often get advance copies of books (I ask for e-books) to read and review. So, here is what I am willing to do. If you decide to get in on the street team thing – and there is no pressure – head over to my Facebook page and put a message saying that you want to be part of the team. I’ll send you a response so I can get your e-mail and set up a list on my account. When I get something finished and edited and ready for release within a couple of weeks, I will let you know and offer some advance copies (e-book would be really great, but if you need paperback copies, let me see what I can do) for your reading and posting pleasure – obviously, I would need to keep them to yourself if you join up, but hey – free books!

I wasn’t able to get much done as far as writing done today; I am going to save that for after work. Since I’m not going to have a whole lot of distractions later on, I should get the 1600 easily and maybe even end the chapter and the act. I did take a few hours to watch The Colbert Report to see how he would spin the whole #CancelColbert kerfuffle (in my opinion – amazingly). Tonight, I’ll plug in my headphones and get to finishing up the chapter (hopefully, I’ve been ‘almost there’ for the past two weeks).

Also – just to mention in passing: The Winter Soldier Is Coming Out Friday!!!! I can’t wait to see this over the weekend. When I do, I will come back and give you a completely biased review! Hey – I’m being honest.

Thank you for reading, please look to the right and support the writers there – not just me, but the others there. I look forward to chatting with y’all soon.



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The Two Hundred and Eighty-Second Post: The One Where I Try to Get My Ducks in a Row Before the Plutonian Kills Them…

Wow – are Tuesdays horrible for me or what? I got out 800 words today, but I need to finish up the other 800 when I get home tonight. I don’t know what it is, but today I really didn’t want to climb out of bed, but every time I tried to go back to sleep – either the wind would sound through the streets or the dog would bark. I eventually just got up and tried to go about my day, but with only a cup of coffee and more distractions, I finally got the 800 and called it a day for me. I can hit the other 800 easily tonight since I won’t have as many distractions. And I need to get the other words down, everything else today was just bad.

It’s funny in that writing the interview for Cat, Rabbit and Clover, I’m trying to remember the questions I was asked before I get hired on with a company, but since I never actually have done many interviews, it’s a little of a squirm for me to remember what is asked. I usually got most of my jobs through various temp agencies and head hunting groups (which is how I got the idea for this story), so I tended to glide past that part and get right into the work for however long that lasted (or until I got hired on). Now, I get to come up with the gotcha questions and try to come up with some good answers. Thankfully, the Internet is here to save me… or so I hope. It could take the easy route and skip the interview, but where is the fun in that? Let’s watch the main character squirm. Let’s put the faith of the readers to the test. I was never a fan of contractual immortality, nor should I be a fan of contractual employment. I know he has to get hired (otherwise there’s going to be no real story), but I am going to try to make it as tense as possible. I really want there to be some doubt about this hiring…. You know – just like a real interview (not that would really know about those things).

I know I have some people reading this who are comic book aficionados, so I want to point y’all to a series that I am currently into: Irredeemable. Wow. The story behind this is amazing to be because it is something that I can see happening. The main character of the story is called the Plutonian (a Superman expy) and he has completely and utterly snapped. The story is more about the other heroes who are trying to stop him, but how do you do that when the man you’re trying to stop and/or kill is…hell, Superman? Trust me, when I heard about it, I mentally rolled my eyes and I completely take it all back. This is a fantastic story from Mark Waid. It’s really worthy of your time and efforts to get a hand on.

Well, I am going to get back to the novel and try to get the other 800 down. I don’t want to lose the momentum I’ve built up today. With any luck, I can keep going until the weekend and finish strong Saturday afternoon and kick back and enjoy some MLB.

Thanks for reading and I hope you have a good day today, tomorrow or whenever you read this.



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The Two Hundred and Eighty-First Post: The One Where I Try New Ways to Fail Artistically…

Hello, all – I had a good weekend. I got to do some photography for a book cover for a friend of mine, you can see it on the right as I am also give him a little help with publicity (well, as much as I can do with this site). So, if anything doesn’t come of writing, I might have a decent job as a photographer… or maybe not – it’s not up to me. I did manage to finish the first act for Cat, Rabbit and Clover with concluding the interview and getting the main character the job. It’s coming along and I am going to try to work on the novel solely on Saturday and not get distracted by anything else. Yeah – Saturday is usually my ‘work or not’ day. If I do something, fine. If not, just as fine. I do it enough to myself Monday through Friday. It’s just nice to get this book moving along and I can only hope to maintain this pace (breakneck or otherwise) and get it done and out there by August.

I did manage on Sunday to watch The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug. Wow – it’s better than the first movie (which was no slouch in itself) and it really sends the story along, but I don’t like the way it ended. It left us hanging and yeah…I know – the ending is supposed to make us want more, but…come on. I only point this out because one of the problems I have with writing is endings. When I was writing the first novel, I kept going and going and going as far as what was happening with Rhona and Anya. I finally found a way out and we have what is out there now, but for the longest time, the story kept going on its own. All of the stories in my head seem to do that. I don’t know if that there is more to the story than what I outlined and this is my subconscious trying to tell me it’s not done. I never can really get a good ending to a story and I always feel the need to do a full stop a la “Desolation”, which always doesn’t feel right to me. I am having this problem with the ghost story I/O Error. I know the why of the ending; I just don’t know how to get there. Personally, it drives me crazy because I like having everything neatly done and wrapped before I put fingers to keyboard. I don’t know if it makes a difference or not, but when I work on the story, I see it like a movie in my head. So – yeah, I get a lot of ‘cut to black’ endings before everything gets settled out. Maybe it’s just me.

I am still reading Doctor Sleep and wow – this is Stephen King on the top of his game. If you’re not reading this, seriously – drop what you’re doing (unless you’re holding a baby, you can set him or her down gently, come on now…) and get this book. This is the best book I’ve read all year and I almost don’t want it to end. After this, I’m going to read Lies of Locke Lamora just to get back to fantasy…until the next novel in the Song of Ice and Fire series, at which point I will drop whatever I’m reading and get back to that. And you should too.

As always, I am thankful for your reading this humble blog. To the right are books, either by me or dear friends. Please peruse them at your leisure. Until tomorrow evening, good reader, I bid you a good day.



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The Two Hundred and Eightieth Post: The One Where I Don’t Talk About Vampires For Five Whole Minutes!

Hello, everyone – I’m not going to chat about the vampire story, I’ve hit a bit of a rough spot, so I’m going to let my mind chew at that for a few minutes. Tyro will be the next project – I should get that one finished – and after that, I might turn back to horror with either I/O Error or go for something a little more out there like Out, Out Brief Candle…but I think that one is going to require a bit of a road trip. Thankfully, I have Google, so I can do it on the cheap.

As far as Cat, Rabbit and Clover goes, I am still creeping closer to finishing out the chapter and the act with the interview and the good news that the main character has been hired. I’m just trying my best to get across the levels of discomfort when he can’t do the whammy. This all goes back to the whole “show, don’t tell”, so I am trying to come up with new ways to say that his stomach hurts and he can’t sleep. Sadly, this is something that I can relate to with this character. I have to admit, reflecting back on this is making my stomach a little squirrely – so all you method writers, this is how you do it. The story is coming along nicely, even if I am no longer really following the outline I wrote down earlier. I took today off because I had to care of some things and frankly the last two days were rather hard as far as everything outside of writing goes, so I treated myself to a nice chicken sub and a couple of gift cards that will be plunged into Barnes and Noble on Sunday (are they still around? I still have a Nook, but the poor thing has been neglected since I got the Kindle Fire), which is still my off-day even if there is no football. However, Saturdays are going to be a half day of writing now that MLS and MLB are in full swing. I am trying to cultivate some other sports interests other than football and Olympics.

In writing the novel, I am stretching myself out in writing in first person. I might put in a blurb here just to get some reactions. It’s harder than I thought, since I’m trying to really stick to the character and his view point. It’s different than doing third person limited, since with third person, I can write somewhat outside of the character and show (not tell) more information about the character’s thoughts on the matter before them in the page. With first person, I have to stay very, very limited. It is a lot like acting in that I have to develop the character and a lot like acting – I don’t think I’m doing a good job. We will see however when the book is finished and out there in the wild.

Well, as I am writing this at work, I will need to wrap it up and get back to the job. Thank you for reading. I hope that I haven’t bored you to tears with this. Thank you for reading and supporting. Have a good day.



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The Two Hundred and Seventy-Ninth Post: The One Where I Intentionally Use ‘Bromance’ In A Sentence…

I go back to the bromance, where I am going to dissect it to death, so someone hand me a chainsaw and stand back.

Yes, I railed against the whole romance angle that surrounds vampire fiction just because the vampire is one that is the pursuer and the girl is the pursuant. Sadly, unless the pursuant is interested in becoming a vampire, this relationship is going to end like all the others. ran a really good article on the problems of immortality which I recommend anyone interested in writing about immortals should read before starting their work. I certainly will.

Anyway, back to the traditional vampire story. There’s so much to be done with that sort of dynamic, but ultimately it’s the touching story of a man wooing a hamburger. If we’re going to take the vampire seriously, then we have to acknowledge that becoming a vampire and existing as you do (there has to be some sort of dire consequences for not indulging in people – doesn’t necessarily have to be a physical sickness like a withdrawl. A social stigma works wonders for enforcing order. No matter how badass you may look in leather or how many enemies you’ve slaughtered on the battlefield, you are still a social creature and your social circle has dropped from thirty or so down to two or three) will change your outlook on people. Dr. Manhattan said it best:

The world’s smartest man poses no more threat to me than does its smartest termite.

The talking things around you just go about their day-to-day lives not even knowing that the world is more horrifying than they imagine. There is a bit of a kinship between the vampire and the soldier – particularly in The Great War (also called The War to End All Wars…and that worked out great!). They are both witness to horrors that are beyond the comprehension of the common man and have few others to turn to for support, relief or kinship.

Hence the bromance between Harker and Dracula in the novel: Dracula looks at Harker the same way we would look at a clever pet. Harker looks up to Dracula as someone to perhaps emulate – he’s not very shaken by the events going on around him (rather to the contrary, he’s getting off on this!) and gets the respect of the soldiers around him with no effort. What’s not to like? I mean…other than the lust for slaughter, and the possible drinking of blood from either fellow soldiers or the captured enemy (this is still WWI, there are expectations of civil treatment) and most definitely the problems of not only Dracula descending further into either madness or Hell, but him dragging a friend along for good conversation. Harker at first finds him seductive – which should be part of the horror for us that such a good and upright man would look at Dracula with anything approaching respect. Another part of the horror is that the reader should be agreeing with Dracula and how it’s so hard to find a semi-kindred soul and well, if things don’t work out with Harker all he has to do is withhold favors and let the war deal with him. After all – Hell is other people.

Now – the one question I am going to work on is how long should this stretch out? World War I is eventually going to end, but should it end with a bloody bang or a whimper in the middle of the night? I’ll think on that.

But the hour grows late and I must be attentive for a package for tomorrow, so I bid everyone a good evening and I hope to continue to keep your attention for a little longer. Thank you for reading.



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